Hino Restarts Production of CNG Bus in Indonesia

| Indonesia, Purwakarta

Hino RK CNG Bus Nov2015 smPT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI) has inaugurated the restart of the Hino Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Bus Production Line in its factory at Kota Bukit Indah, Purwakarta. I Gusti Putu Suryawirawan, Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics, Ministry of Industry officiated at the event in the presence of Toshiro Mizutani – HMMI President Commissioner, Soebronto Laras – HMMI Commissioner, Hiroo Kayanoki – Hino Motor Sales Indonesia (HMSI) President Director and Kazushi Ehara –HMMI President Director as well as other Hino Management members and guests.

Kazushi Ehara said “Hino is proud, as we are capable of restarting the production of Hino CNG Bus. Hino is the first and the only bus manufacturer to produce CNG Buses in Indonesia. I hope that Hino CNG Bus can become the solution for assisting the government in providing comfortable mass transportation for the public. The restart of Hino CNG Bus production is also a form of support to help the government’s program in creating blue sky by providing environmentally friendly vehicles.”

Hino has previously produced CNG buses, having supplied them to Transjakarta in 2007. “Hino has the experience and technology to produce CNG Buses which are safe, comfortable and has large passenger carrying capacity. The specifications of Hino CNG Bus are in accordance with government regulations”, said Hiroo Kayanoki.

“The total production capacity of the Hino plant is 75.000 units per year and its products are utilized to fulfill the needs of the domestic market and also exported to several countries in the ASEAN region and Latin America,” added Kazushi Ehara.

In Indonesia, Hino CNG Bus will produce type RK CNG which has capacity of 80 passengers. This bus features a 6 Cylinder engine with capacity of 7.961 cc which is capable of producing power of up to 260 PS as it is also equipped with turbo charger and intercooler. The fuel efficient 6-stage automatic transmission bus operates with low noise and vibration.

Hino CNG Bus after sales service consists of: Guarantee of 1 year or 50.000 Km, Free Service Program with periodic maintenance up to 2 years or 60.000 KM, Service Contract to maintain the bus in good condition, Mechanic and Driver Training and Service Car equipped with the required tools for service on the road or light repair at the customer’s location.

At the end of his speech, Kazushi Ehara stated he “hopes that the Ministry of Industry can continuously support the national industry by promoting the policy on the utilization of locally manufactured products to support industry and economic growth also reduce unemployment”.

(Source: Hino)

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