High Horsepower (HHP) Summit: a Great Week planned for Jacksonville

| USA, Jacksonville FL
Tote Maritime LNG bunkering in port

LNG bunkering in Jacksonville (Image: TOTE Maritime)

The 2017 HHP Summit will convene industry leaders from the marine, mining, rail, and power generation sectors, November 6-9 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Erik Neandross, CEO of event organiser Gladstein, Neandross and & Associates (GNA), told NGV Global News: “The market for natural gas in the off-road high horsepower space is getting really exciting right now, even in spite of the sustained price of oil around $50.”

GNA is witnessing massive investment in the marine sector, with deployments happening throughout 2017. “These marine projects require large volumes of fuel and thus drive investment in the production and supply chain.  Several new LNG plants are coming on line this year in Jacksonville – the host city for the conference.  This is obviously a pretty exciting opportunity as it gives GNA some high-interest projects to tour and talk about at the event, but it is also very indicative of what is happening all around North America and in Europe and Asia,” said Neandross.

The JAX Chamber, a business membership organization dedicated to driving quality economic growth in Northeast Florida, has joined with GNA and conference organisers to bring the annual HHP Summit to Jacksonville. Since its inception, the event has served as the official meeting place of high horsepower industry stakeholders—including marine, mining, rail, and stationary power generation sectors — to discuss the opportunities and challenges offered by natural gas in energy-intensive applications. In its press statement, the JAX Chamber trumpeted Jacksonville as becoming the epicenter of North American natural gas market development for these same applications.

Neandross agrees: “The choice of Florida’s largest city to host the conference is driven by its emergence in recent years as one of the preeminent centers of investment and activity for the North America natural gas downstream market. Indeed, Jacksonville has become the world’s most progressive and active marketplace for natural gas HHP operations in 2017.”

GNA expects the momentum developed by projects now coming online will generate market acceleration and increased opportunities in other non-marine markets.  “With available supply, we are seeing the railroads, trucks, off-pipeline power generation projects, and other HHP segments also start to move to natural gas; in addition to more activity in the marine sector.  It is almost a self-perpetuating phenomenon,” Neandross added.

UPS Freight - LNG Fleet

UPS LNG-powered fleet vehicles

The four-day event will provide attendees insight into dozens of operational natural gas marine, rail, mining, remote power generation, on-road trucking, and infrastructure projects through a series of plenaries, breakouts, and technical workshops. This year’s attendees will also have unprecedented access to off-site tours to local Jacksonville projects, including the Eagle liquefied natural gas (LNG) Maxville Plant, Crowley LNG Bunker Terminal, JAX LNG Plant, TOTE LNG Vessel, Florida East Coast Rail LNG locomotives and tender fueling operations, Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) compressed natural gas (CNG) operation, and UPS LNG trucks and large-scale LNG refueling station.

“This is all in addition to the conference and all kinds of parallel industry workshops and meetings that week,” Neandross concluded. “It should be a great week in Jacksonville!”

The key themes of the 2017 HHP Summit, include:

  • Growth markets and opportunities in marine, rail, power generation and other industrial/commercial applications
  • The growth opportunities for innovative CNG and LNG supply chains to support natural gas utilities, local-distribution companies, and electrical power generation companies
  • Early project successes driving investment in tangible supply chains
  • Impacts of a disrupted middle distillate market in 2020 and beyond
  • Existing and new supply chain assets driving market expansion and acceleration
  • The competitive business advantage of natural gas given its long-term price stability and predictability
  • Continued focus on environmental drivers—regulatory and sustainability

The HHP Summit expo hall will offer hands-on access to a wide range of natural gas engines, equipment and technology designed for high horsepower applications and have the opportunity to talk to representatives about engine and equipment specifications before making an investment.

To see the full agenda and register, visit www.hhpsummit.com.

Sources: GNA; JAX Chamber (GNA is a member of NGVAmerica)

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