Hexagon Lincoln Type 4 CNG Cylinders Now Available Through Freightliner Dealership

| USA, Lincoln NE

Hexagon Lincoln Tuffshell(TM) cylindersHexagon Composites wholly owned subsidiary Hexagon Lincoln has responded to the increase in heavy duty alternative fuels market demand in the U.S. by making Truck Center Companies, one of America’s largest Freightliner dealers, a factory-authorized distributor of its Type 4 CNG tanks. The Nebraska-based dealership is located in eight cities in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas, and will provide tanks, components, systems and value-added services with full warranty support.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Truck Center Companies. Having manufacturing and distribution within such close proximity will improve delivery and reduce costs for its customers,” says Marc Meyer, Business Development Manager at Hexagon Lincoln. “This relationship enables Hexagon Lincoln to satisfy a larger number of potential customers within the heavy duty market.”

The Hexagon Lincoln division of Hexagon Composites is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s been filament winding composites for 50 years and producing Type 4 CNG tanks for 20 years.

(Source: Hexagon Lincoln)

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