Hexagon CNG Cylinders for Indonesian Conversions

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Hexagon Raufoss CNG System

Hexagon Raufoss CNG System

One thousand new Hexagon Raufoss Type IV cylinders have been ordered by PT Autogas in Indonesia, for conversion of taxis and government vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG), reports parent company Hexagon Composites. Indonesia’s government is facilitating a transition to natural gas as an alternative to diesel and gasoline.

The transition program’s goal is to reduce pollution and diversify fuel in the public transportation sector.

PT Autogas is the country’s leading conversion company for natural gas heavy-duty vehicles, transit buses and passenger cars. Hexagon Composites’ cylinders are ideal for these applications because they are 30% the weight of steel, which reduces fuel consumption (by about 5l/1000km) and extends range between refillings.

PT Autogas is owned by PT Draco, which took delivery of SMARTSTORE® modules earlier this year to support its mobile refilling units (MRU) used around the city of Jakarta. “Passenger cars with Hexagon Composites cylinders may refuel with MRUs that use SMARTSTORE® gas transportation systems,” says Ragnar Holthe, Managing Director Automotive, Hexagon Raufoss. “We are committed to the momentum that environmental friendly fuels are experiencing in Southeast Asia and are pleased that our CNG solutions are helping reduce pollution in Indonesia.”

Cylinder deliveries will mainly be in third quarter of 2016.

(Source: Hexagon Composites)

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