Hertz Expands CNG Vehicle Rentals Program in U.S.

| USA, Park Ridge NJ

Hertz Airport Rentals GMC Yukon

The Hertz Corporation, a global airport rental brand, is to introduce more compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to its fleet in the US. Hertz will begin renting eight CNG Honda Civics and two CNG GMC Yukons at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City early next month. The vehicles, which form part of Hertz’s new CNG airport rentals program, will include GPS units to assist renters locate local CNG refueling stations.

The expansion of energy-efficient and clean vehicles stems from the launch of Living Journey, Hertz’s global sustainability strategy announced earlier this year.

“Hertz is committed to providing our customers with a full spectrum of vehicle options to suit their rental needs including clean emission vehicles such as CNG, electric vehicles, as well as other fuel-efficient vehicles included in our Green Traveler Collection,” said Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “As more low emission, fuel efficient vehicles become available for general use we will continue to expand our rental fleet, reflecting our dedication to offering sustainable travel options.”

Lemore Hecht, Communications and Social Media Manager for Hertz, told NGV Global News the introduction of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) at Will Rogers airport was a natural extension of the pilot program that commenced with the introduction of an all-CNG fleet for its ‘Hertz On Demand’ university program at Oklahoma State University (OSU), in September last year.

Oklahoma is an obvious starting point for the CNG program. In addition to having significant CNG fueling infrastructure across the state – approximately 70 existing or planned public stations – Oklahoma is also home to several of the top natural gas producers in the US, including Chesapeake Energy Corporation.

Hertz Honda Civic and GMC Yukon - CNG-powered

Hertz also deploys CNG airport buses at its Los Angeles Airport location and rents CNG vehicles in both Italy and the United Kingdom.

CNG is a cleaner-burning fuel, emitting up to 30 percent less carbon dioxide and up to 75 percent less carbon monoxide. The fuel also typically costs half the price of gasoline and is produced domestically. (See endnote.)

“Through its natural gas vehicles rental program, Hertz shows its industry leadership and further illustrates the exciting future of natural gas as a transportation fuel,” said Aubrey K. McClendon, Chesapeake Chief Executive Officer. “By renting a CNG vehicle, Hertz customers will cut their fueling costs in half, while driving a vehicle that is better for the environment. We hope the success of Hertz’s program in Oklahoma City leads to adoption of this program nationwide.”

Endnote:  Sourced from U.S. Dept. of Energy–Argonne National Laboratory Report: A Full Fuel-Cycle Analysis of Energy and Emissions Impacts of Transportation Fuels Produced from Natural Gas – available here.

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Hertz Corporation press release)

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