Heckmann Recognised for LNG-Powered Fleet

| USA, Coraopolis PA

Heckmann ordered 200 LNG-powered Peterbilt 367 trucks

Based on its recent analysis of the private commercial fleet market, business research & consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has recognized Heckmann Corporation with the 2011 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Green Excellence. The company, through its Heckmann Water Resources, or HWR, segment, has ordered 200 liquefied natural gas (LNG) tractor units for its fleet.

While natural gas vehicles have generated a lot of press in recent years, Frost & Sullivan says the lack of sufficient LNG fueling infrastructure to support major commercial fleet deployment has been the greatest hindrance to the wider adoption of these vehicles. Heckmann has overcome this restriction by working directly with a leading LNG supplier to provide fueling in lockstep with its vehicle acquisition schedule. In so doing, Heckmann has set an example for other fleets and fueling station providers.

“The natural gas vehicle market is still in its early stages; as such, any fleets that take an early adopter stance by placing large orders serve to support vehicle manufacturers and the related systems and components supplies in deriving sufficient sales to start regular production runs,” said Frost & Sullivan Commercial Vehicle Research Global Director Sandeep Kar. “When this tipping point occurs, economies of scale can be realized and total product costs can be reduced, thus stimulating further market demand.”

As a result of Heckmann’s order for 200 LNG commercial vehicles, the company expects to replace demand for 5 million gallons of diesel fuel annually.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each gallon of diesel releases 22.2 pounds of CO2, while the estimated CO2 release from an equivalent amount of natural gas (DGE) is 20-25 percent lower. This means Heckmann will reduce its carbon emissions by more than 20 million pounds per year.

When Heckmann takes final delivery of these vehicles, the company will be operating the largest private fleet of LNG commercial vehicles to date, and it will be doing so with a greener image. Also, by utilizing a fuel that will be locally sourced, the company will support some of its own customers and further reduce transportation-related costs and emissions resulting from transporting fuel to the retail source.

Overall, Frost and Sullivan declares, Heckmann deserves recognition for efforts to lead the way to a better, more stable future.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company whose commercial fleet program has expanded considerably to include significant levels of alternative fuel and other fuel economy-enhancing powertrains that provide positive contributions to the “greening” of associated industries and overall environmental sustainability.

(This article compiled using information from a Frost & Sullivan press release)

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