GreenGasGrids Website Aims to Boost Biomethane Production

| Europe

A new website describes the activities of GreenGasGrids, a 3-year European project funded by the Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) programme with the aim to boost the European biomethane market. The project will run until mid 2014 and is co-ordinated by the German Energy Agency dena. The project’s consortium consists of 13 European partners, including national energy agencies, scientific institutions as well as industry associations involved in biomethane, natural gas, and renewable energy. NGVA Europe, the European Natural and Bio Gas Vehicle Association is one of these partners.

GreenGasGrids aims to substantially contribute to realising a significant contribution of biomethane to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) targets of 20% renewable energy and 10% renewable energy in transport in 2020 as well as the renewable energy targets set by individual EU Member States in their Renewable Energy Action Plans.

The project’s objective is to measurably increase the production and use of biomethane for transport, heat and electricity by addressing the most hindering barriers to biomethane deployment in the EU, both in forerunner and starter countries. One way this objective is implemented is through activities to enhance knowledge sharing, such as coordinating regional biomethane feed-in info days in all partner countries and creating a basis for stimulating new biogas feed-in applications.

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