Green Consortium Plans 1000 Foton LNG Buses in 2014

| China, Beijing
Foton LNG bus

Foton LNG bus

Chinese bus manufacturer Foton AUV has signed a “strategic cooperation agreement” with Shenzhen Shengshi Company to create a green transport consortium to promote energy conservation through a “Green Bus Programme”. The consortium will focus primarily on bus markets in Shenzhen and several cities in Hunan Province, aiming to sell 1000 liquefied natural gas powered buses in 2014.

The general manager of the public transport company in one of Hunan’s larger cities (Yongzhou) is cited in the Foton press release as saying they will strive to take 400 LNG buses this year and step it up from there.

The initiative follows the introduction of the national policy of strict PM2.5 control.

(Source: Foton)

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