Green Audi A3 TCNG Second in “Green Steering Wheel”

| Germany, Ingolstadt

Audi A3 TCNG

At this year’s European “Golden Steering Wheel” event, run each year by Germany’s Auto Bild magazine, the Audi A3 TCNG claimed second place in the “Green Steering Wheel” segment.¬†Audi began small series production of this vehicle in 2011. The power acquired from four offshore wind turbines in the North Sea is used to produce e-gas, a CO2-neutral, artificial methane gas.

The two steel cylinders beneath the luggage compartment store the gas at a pressure of 200 bar, which suffices for over 400 km (248.55 miles) of driving. Thanks to its bivalent configuration, the A3 Sportback TCNG can run on conventional gasoline if it runs out of methane; its total range thus exceeds 1,200 km (745.65 miles).

Entries for the awards are tested by a panel of jurors Рdivided into four groups of editors, drivers, technicians, and celebrities Рover the demanding Balocco Proving Ground used by Fiat, Ferrari and Pirelli.

(This article primarily compiled using information from an Audi AG press release)

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