German Natural Gas Advisory Board Advocates Strong Future for Methane Fuels

| Germany, Berlin

In Berlin the advisory board of Erdgas Mobil EV has held its first meeting, attended by prominent representatives of the petroleum and automobile industry, biogas production, science and research as well as representatives of client and user associations. The aim of the advisory board is to bring together the interests of different stakeholders and coordinate the issue of natural gas and biomethane as a fuel for the future, especially in current debates around the topic of “Future Mobility”.

The Board agreed unanimously that natural gas and biomethane are an important part of the fuel mix in Germany today and that the importance of these fuels in the future can be significantly increased. To underline this, the Council urged more action from all stakeholders, asking them to promote environmental benefits and the significant price advantage of natural gas as a fuel for the future. The need to foster long-term stable policy framework in Germany and the EU was also agreed upon.

“Natural gas as fuel still gets surprisingly little attention,” said the former Finance Minister and advisory board member Hans Eichel. “With an intensified employment of natural gas in the traffic sector future environmental protection goals could be already be achieved today. There is a mature technology, a wide range of models, a nationwide network of filling stations and a regenerative counterpart available. Now it is time to realize this potential.”

Dr. GerhardĀ Holtmeier , chairman of the Erdgas-Mobil, said that realizing the potential of natural gas and biomethane requires the concerted action between all actors.

(This article compiled using information from an Erdgas Mobil press release)

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