German Energy Fleet Adds 16 VW eco up

| Germany, Frankfurt

Mainova CNG-powered eco up fleetMainova AG, an energy services company for the Rhine-Main region of Germany, has acquired 16 Volkswagen compressed natural gas (CNG) -powered eco up cars for its car-pool fleet. The “compact, white and environmentally friendly” natural gas vehicles (NGV) were officially received by Frankfurt Councillor and Mainova chairman Uwe Becker and the Chairman of the Board of Mainova Dr. Constantin H. Alsheimer last week.

CNG vehicles have a very good environmental performance compared to cars using conventional gasoline or diesel. According to Germany’s ADAC the eco up consumes just 2.9 kilograms of natural gas over 100 kilometers, corresponding to CO2 emissions of just 79 grams per kilometer, earning it a coveted “Yellow Angel” award.

Mainova-chairman Uwe Becker said: “In cities such as Frankfurt, vehicles are the number one source of particulate matter. We need solutions that can reduce these emissions permanently. One measure is the use of natural gas vehicles in the fleet. With their commitment to the development of powerful technologies, Mainova supports the climate protection targets of the city in an exemplary manner.”

Dr. Constantin H. Alsheimer, the Chairman of the Board of Mainova AG added: “Natural gas is an important component of climate and environmentally friendly mobility concepts. Mainova and its predecessor companies already rely on natural gas vehicles since 1992. From a corporate perspective lower fuel costs and higher efficiency for natural gas as a fuel speak of their environmental compatibility.”

Overall, the so-called white fleet of Mainova consists of 550 motor vehicles (as of 06/30/2014). Of these, more than a quarter are CNG powered. The aggregated 1.264 g / km CO2 emissions of the 16 Volkswagen eco up replace vehicles with a C02 emissions total of 2.312 g / km.

(Source: Mainova AG)

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