German Armed Forces Invests in First Natural Gas Vehicles

| Germany, Munster | Source: erdgas mobil GmbH

VW TSI Caddy EcoFuel

In July, at the Federal  Armed Services Centre in Münster, Germany’s armed forces received natural gas vehicles into their fleet for the first time, as part of a program to reduce environmental impact. The two VW TSI EcoFuel Caddys are leading the way for eventual conversion of the entire fleet of service and repair vehicles, with more than 100 vehicles across 19 sites earmarked for conversion from diesel to natural gas in 2011, reports erdgas mobil GmbH. 

The two natural gas Caddys bear the inscription “BwEcoMobil now”, indicating firstly they are vehicles from mobility services provider BwFuhrparkService GmbH, of which the German Ministry of Defence is the main shareholder, and secondly, they utilise alternative drive technologies. Emissions are said to reduce by up to 15% for comparative diesel vehicles and by up to 25% for gasoline vehicles.

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