GAZ Group Presents Specialized CNG Models

| Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

Gaz_Group gaz-on-next-cng mobile repair shopGAZ Group,┬áRussia’s largest manufacturer of commercial motor vehicles, has introduced new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) models of specialized vehicles – a garbage truck with rear loading and a repair mobile workshop created on the base of a GAZon Next CNG medium-duty truck.

The vehicles powered by YAMZ-534 CNG (methane) engines have been presented at GasSuf 2017 in Moscow.

GAZ-on Repair Shop

The emergency repair workshop consists of two sections: freight and passenger. The layout of the vehicle allows to freely place and deliver to an accident scene a team of four professionals and to provide them with comfortable conditions for all types of repair and welding works and rest.

The vehicle is equipped with a kitchen; a petrol generator and a welding inverter, as well as other equipment for gas and electric welding; a niche for gas cylinders (oxygen and propane) with special systems for safe loading and unloading; a metal cabinet to dry clothes and shoes; and two autonomous heaters.

Gaz Group gaz-on-next-cng waste colection vehicleGAZ-on Rubbish Truck

Thanks to its compactness, the medium-duty garbage trucks are ideal for use in the central areas of big cities closed for passage of cargo transport, as well as for the maintenance of small enterprises and settlements.

The volume of the van space of the truck GAZon NEXT CNG – 9.5 m3, the payload capacity – 2805 kg, the wheelbase – 4515 mm. The van box is parallelepiped in form (a three-dimensional figure formed by six parallelograms). The underframe of the box is made of tubes and steel sheets forming a space with a rounded shape that provides rigidity. There is a 12 m3 load hopper in the lower part of the rear drop side. The design of the hopper provides the possibility of both manual and mechanized loading for rollover of various types of containers.

Both vehicles are powered by YAMZ-534 new generation gas engines produced at Gaz Group’s Yaroslavl Motor Plant since November 2016. The medium-duty in-line YAMZ CNG engines with 150 – 312 h.p. comply to Euro-5 and are said to be capable of Euro-6.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly of the fuels widely used in commercial transport. It provides for lower operational costs by 40-50% (depending on the mileage and features of a particular model) compared to gasoline and diesel fuels. Using natural gas instead of fuel oil (gasoline and diesel) reduces by 2-3 times the emissions into the environment of toxic substances, such as oxides of carbon, oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and soot formation, typical for diesel engines, is just missing.

Source: GAZ Group

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