Gasum Adds Another Bio-CNG Station to Finland’s Refuelling Network

| Finland, Imatra

All Gasum stations serve only compressed biomethane/natural gas (Image: Gasum)

Finland-based natural gas importer and retailer Gasum has opened a new bio-and natural gas filling station in Imatra, in eastern Finland. The opening brings the total of Gasum natural gas fuelling stations in the country to seventeen. The company says it is continually evaluating new locations to expand its gas network. New stations are planned for Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Joensuu, explained Gasum’s business unit manager, Jussi Vainikka.

All natural gas-fuelled cars imported to Finland are bifuel vehicles. This means they have two filler openings − one for petrol and one for gas. With many models the driver can press a button to select petrol. If the vehicle runs out of gas, the engine automatically switches over to petrol. Driving an NGV is not in any way different from driving a vehicle using another fuel, such as petrol.

Gasum’s stations sell only compressed biomethane and natural gas. All of Gasum’s filling stations are fast-fill stations. The refuelling pressure is 200 bar at 15°C, temperature compensated.

Finland is committed to reach the renewable transport fuels target of 20% by 2020.

(This article compiled using information supplied by Gasum Oy)

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