Gasrec Plans Second bio-LNG Truck Refuelling Station, at Avonmouth

| United Kingdom
Gasrec's first bio-LNG station at Daventry

Gasrec’s first bio-LNG station at Daventry

UK bio-fuel supplier Gasrec is to build its next bio-LNG refuelling station at Avonmouth near Bristol. The station will be built on land adjacent to the M49, M4 and M5 motorways and be capable of refuelling up to 700 vehicles a day. The station will form part of Gasrec’s planned network of refuelling stations which will be conveniently located near motorway junctions and follows the official opening of Gasrec’s first bio-LNG refuelling station at Daventry in May.

Gasrec is Europe’s largest supplier of Bio-LNG — a blend of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biomethane (LBM). LBM is a natural, green source of renewable energy produced from organic matter such as household food waste.

When substituted for diesel, Bio-LNG can cut fuel costs and CO2 by up to 35 per cent, while delivering a 90 per cent reduction particulate matter emissions and a 60 per cent reduction in NOx. Running the UK’s HGV fleets on Bio-methane could cut haulage emissions by up to 65 per cent, according to a report by consultants Ricardo-AEA.

Gasrec commercial development manager, Doug Leaf said: “This announcement represents a further step toward our goal of developing a national bio-LNG refuelling network. At Avonmouth we will have fuel available from October and over the coming months will be working with major retailers and logistics companies wishing to build their fleets of bio-LNG fuelled vehicles.

“Our refuelling stations are available for anyone wishing to share the benefits of bio-LNG to use. We think this is important, as it avoids the need for any single company to invest in its own refuelling infrastructure.”

(Source: Gasrec)

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