Gasrec and Volvo Trucks Partner to Promote Natural Gas Vehicles in UK

| United Kingdom

Volvo Trucks working with GasrecLeading UK bio-fuel supplier Gasrec has teamed up with global heavy-duty truck manufacturer Volvo Trucks to help business customers cut haulage costs and reduce carbon emissions.  The two companies will co-operate commercially and technically to increase the availability and promote the use of gas vehicles in the UK.

Gasrec is Europe’s largest supplier of Bio-LNG; a blend of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid biomethane (LBM). LBM is a natural, green source of renewable energy produced from organic matter such as household food waste.

When substituted for diesel, Bio-LNG can today cut fuel costs and CO2 by around 20 per cent. It also delivers improvements in air quality emissions with huge reductions in NOx and particulate matter.

Under the agreement, Gasrec and Volvo Trucks will focus on supplying vehicles to potential customers in the areas served by Gasrec’s growing refuelling network. The companies will also exchange technical information and promote Europe-wide standards for the gas vehicle industry.

Gasrec’s chief executive, Rob Wood, said: “The Gasrec-Volvo collaboration is another signal that LNG fuel, like our uniquely sustainable Bio-LNG, is the most viable alternative for businesses looking to cut costs and emissions from heavy duty vehicles.”

Gasrec is currently developing the UK’s first network of open-access Bio-LNG refuelling stations, which is set for completion in 2015.  It opened the first of its eight facilities last month near Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT). Gasrec’s network promises ease of access for refuelling: each of the proposed locations is near motorway junctions, ensuring that 85 per cent of the UK’s HGV population is within four hours’ drive of a station.

(Source: Gasrec)

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