Gas Natural Fenosa CNG Station a First for Galicia

| Spain,San Cibrao das Viñas

Gas Natural Fenosa CNG station opens in GaliciaGas Natural Fenosa has opened its first natural gas fueling station in Spain’s north west region of Galicia. The new facility consists of two compressors, each rated at 225 Nm3 / h, and two dispensers for compressed natural gas (CNG). The infrastructure is designed to supply the equivalent of 80 light vehicles per day (18 GWh / year).

The station was opened by the mayor of San Cibrao das Viñas, Manuel Pedro Fernández, and the Director of Mobility Solutions, Gas Natural Fenosa, José Ramón Freire.

This infrastructure adds to the existing network of public natural gas fueling stations across Spain. There are now 38 public stations, of which 22 belong to Gas Natural Fenosa. Of the public stations, 20 exclusively supply CNG, 16 supply CNG and LNG (liquefied natural gas) and two supply LNG only.
A viable alternative fuel for transport

Using natural gas as a transportation fuel contributes to improving air quality and is a very competitive fuel from the economic point of view when compared to diesel, gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as it can achieve savings of up to 30%, 50% and 25%, respectively.

(Source: Gas Natural Fenosa)

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