Gas Natural Fenosa Assumes Presidency of GASNAM

| Spain
Gas Filling Stations in Spain (Source: Gas Natural Fenosa)

Gas Filling Stations in Spain (Source: Gas Natural Fenosa)

More than 10 business groups came together in Spain last month to create the Spanish Association for Natural Gas for Mobility (in Spanish, GASNAM) with the aim of fostering the use of natural gas in mobility, on land and at sea, in all economic sectors in the country.The manager for Mobility Solutions at Gas Natural Servicios, José Ramón Freire, is the first President of GASNAM, which has two vice-presidencies, occupied by Ros Roca Indox Cryo Energy S.L. , in the land sector, and by Cotenaval, in the sea sector. Additionally, the Board of Directors is made up of representatives from Balearia, Urbaser, Disfrimur, Iveco, Wärtsilä, Bureau Veritas and HAM.

The association is the culmination of the efforts of suppliers, major users, operators and technological entities to incentivise the use of natural gas as an efficient and clean energy in mobility.

Similarly, the new entity aims to create a climate of opinion at official entities, companies that are potentially users and amongst the general public that is favourable to the use of natural gas as a fuel for profitable and environmentally sustainable transport.

(Source: Gas Natural Fenosa)

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