Galp to Build Iberian Natural Gas Filling Stations under ECO-GATE

| Portugal, Lisbon | Source:
Gasolinera Galp S.S.De Los Reyes-Jarama

Galp’s Jarama service station

The European Commission-funded project ECO-GATE, the acronym for European COrridors for natural GAs Transport Efficiency, has been joined by Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. (Galp), Portugal’s only oil and natural gas integrated operator. Galp has been granting funding to build several natural gas filling stations on the Iberian Peninsula during 2019.

As reported by Iberian news service, the company will open two natural gas filling stations in each of Spain and Portugal next year. Galp’s infrastructure plans are not limited to the ECO-GATE installations, with several new stations reportedly planned over the near future.

Funded under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and coordinated by Gas Natural Fenosa, ECO-GATE contemplates more than 20 gas stations located in each of the 4 countries where the project is deployed: Germany, France, Portugal and Spain, and the funds (€10 million) will be distributed among the four countries.

The ambitious project conventional and renewable natural gas vehicular fuel envisages the deployment of infrastructure along the Atlantic Corridor and the Mediterranean Corridor through new technologies and innovative solutions.

Galp is a member of NGVA Europe.

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