Galileo Stretches Global Reach with UK Partnership

| Argentina and United Kingdom

Galileo CryoboxThe Management of Galileo Group (Galileo), led by Osvaldo del Campo (CEO), have established a strategic partnership with London-based energy investment firm Blue Water Energy (BWE) to further Galileo’s global reach. The Company says the ramping up of its international activities is in direct response to increasing demand for non-pipeline natural gas fuel solutions. 

Galileo Group’s core capabilities include the development of goods and services for the natural gas, biogas and hydrogen value chains, making the production, transportation and consumption economically feasible through unconventional methods. The company provides innovative and leading technological solutions to its customers, enabling them to achieve more efficient energy supply chains and thereby reduce costs and have a positive environmental impact.

After regaining full control of the company through an off-market purchase of its own shares, Galileo entered into partnership with BWE to establish a new holding company in London (“Galileo Global Technologies”) and plans to embark upon a series of growth initiatives.

The first of these is the commissioning of a new plant in the city of San Martin, Buenos Aires, in July. This plant will be dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of customers’ products, consolidating the Company’s operational control over its supply chain.

Driven by the recent success of Galileo’s proprietary Cryobox technology in converting flared gas into a usable fuel source, from production assets in Bakken, North Dakota, the Company is witnessing increased demand from that region. To address this, the Company is also planning to enlarge its Los Angeles manufacturing facility to incorporate production lines for Cryobox LNG Nano stations and thereby provide more efficient solutions to its customers.

Cryobox Technology
Cryobox® technology enables companies to become their own producer of LNG, meeting all environmental requirements even in the fuel-production and storage phase and turning LNG into an available and financially convenient source of clean fuel. Galilieo explains that, compared with any other diesel substitute, LNG has superior energy density, meaning that a given tank of this fuel will carry you further. For this reason LNG is the most appropriate and cleanest fuel for heavy, long-distance transport such as heavy trucks, buses, ships, barges, ferries and railroad locomotives when long distances need to be covered and refueling opportunities are scarce.

Cryobox has an adjustable production capacity of up to 9013 gpd (gallons per day). The high-pressure, thermodynamic cycle of the Cryobox converts natural gas to the liquid state as temperatures are reduced to less than -225 °F . This multi-stage compression process includes a “boil-off” recovery system which eliminates all gas-venting usually associated with LNG storage and loading facilities. This process avoids gas waste while complying with all safety and ecologic regulations.

Blue Water Energy
Blue Water Energy primarily targets private equity investments in the global energy supply chain, while partnering with best-in-class management teams and utilising a network of seasoned investment and operating professionals. Blue Water Energy LLP currently manages and advises its flagship fund, Blue Water Energy Fund I/IA, L.P., with a total capital commitment of $861mm.

Galileo Technologies is an NGV Global Corporate Sponsor–

(Source: Galileo Group)

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