More Funding Sought for Cleaner Trucks and Buses in California

| USA, Sacramento CA

Four Californian Senators last week called for significantly increased state funding to reduce emissions from trucks and buses. They argue such funding is needed to improve air quality and help reduce toxic emissions along freight corridors and near ports and schools.

CALSTART, the nation’s largest clean transportation technology industry organization, strongly backed the call made by Senators Lara, Skinner, Pan, and Wiechowski. “We are at a pivotal point where the technology is emerging, and we now have the chance to move toward a future where trucks and buses produce either zero or virtually zero emissions,” said CALSTART’s Senior Vice President Bill Van Amburg.

In the final weeks of the 2017 legislative session, the Senators are calling for $1 billion in funding from the California greenhouse gas Cap-and-Trade program to be focused on cleaner trucks and buses. This would amount to a tripling of the amount of funds spent last year.

California is leading the nation in the deployment of zero emission buses and hybrid trucks, due in large part to prior Cap-and-Trade investments. More than 3,200 hybrid, electric, fuel cell, and low NOx natural gas trucks and buses are operating on the streets of California due to prior investments.

CALSTART is a national non-profit organization headquartered in California. The organization serves as a catalyst to accelerate the growth of the clean transportation technology industry as a strategy to create high quality jobs, improve public health, and prevent climate change.


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