French Team to Challenge with Biomethane at Le Mans 2017

| France, Thorigny sur Marne

France_WR vehicule-biogaz-le-mans 2015 designThe renowned Le Mans 24-hour race for 2017 will have a new entry in the experimental category, in the form of a liquefied biomethane powered hybrid vehicle from France’s Welter Racing (WR), based in Thorigny sur Marne, Île-de-France. 

This project, led by the WR team whose first participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans began in 1976, aims to use biomethane from waste disposal to deliver a zero-CO2-impact race and demonstrate this form of renewable energy is worthy of inclusion at the highest level of motor racing.

Biomethane or renewable natural gas (RNG) comes from the reprocessing of waste and recycles the carbon linked to human, plant business, etc., and therefore does not emit additional CO2 into the atmosphere.

WR hybrid LNG design for Le Mans 2017Preparations are being supervised by engine designer Jean Pierre Boudy, keen to demonstrate that RNG promises a major advance in energy efficiency. An LNG tank, capable of storing the liquefied biomethane at -162 degrees, will be fitted inside the closed design of the Le Mans racer.

(Source: WR)

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