French Gas Distributor and Passenger Transport SMEs Unite for CNG Solution

| France
Iveco Urbanway CNG

Iveco Urbanway CNG (Image: Réunir)

Gaz Réseau Distribution France, known nationally as GDRF, the country’s leading natural gas distributor, has entered into a partnership with Réunir, the primary network of SMEs for independent passenger transport in France, to promote solutions for sustainable mobility in passenger transport. Réunir has as one of its stated commitments “connected and sustainable mobility” and is actively supporting a growing number of members engaged with natural gas.

Signed on 8 December by Alain-Jean Berthelet, President of Réunir and Véronique Bel, GNV Project Manager at GRDF, the partnership begins with the establishment of a working group of voluntary members to advance on concrete projects and define the modalities of implementation of a CNG solution for Réunir enterprises.

GRDF will facilitate the transition by independent transport companies to natural gas and its 100% renewable version of BioGNV (renewable natural gas).

GDRF is currently studying around 400 projects for injection of biomethane into the gas distribution network. In its Biomethane roadmap, ADEME (French Environmental and Energy Management Agency) says the potential for biomethane is yet to be realised and expects 1400 injection facilities will produce 30 TWh of renewable natural gas for injection into the network by 2030, sufficient to fuel 190,000 trucks. These forecasts lead to a target of 10% green gas flowing through the networks in 2030.

Beyond strengthening exchanges between the two entities, the agreement aims to boost CNG mobility solutions, increasing exposure to natural gas vehicle (NGV) technology and conduct coordinated promotional activities at national and regional level.

(Source: GDRF)

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