Fordonsgas Reports Positive NGV Movement in Sweden

| Sweden, Stockholm

Fordonsgas Sverige foto - CNG refuelingFordonsGas, owner and operator of more than 40 gas filling stations, is committed to the renewable nature of gas as a future fuel in Sweden. To that end it had invested in expansive growth to become the leading energy company in sustainable mobility, with many more vehicle filling stations planned. FordonsGas is part of the Air Liquide Group, both of which want to increase both the share of biogas-driven travel and transport.

The company reports that according to Sweden Statistics Traffic Analysis, there were 76.7 percent more gas-powered passenger cars registered in November this year compared with November 2016. Now, the infrastructure is gradually expanding with more energy stations to meet the increased demand. FordonsGas has been building and operating energy stations in western Sweden for 20 years.

“It is very positive that the new registration of gas-powered cars increases. During the last five months, sales have been significantly higher than the corresponding months of 2016. For us at FordonsGas, it confirms the trend we see in the car rental industry, and we continue to invest in increased production of biogas, but also to expand the infrastructure with new energy stations,” says Bo Ramberg, CEO of Ford’s Gas Sweden.

The Volkswagen Group dominates the figures for newly registered gas-powered cars, where the VW Golf TGI Bluemotion alone accounts for more than 40 percent of the total number of gas-powered cars sold in Sweden so far this year, according to statistics from BIL Sweden. New on the market and which will certainly contribute to an even greater proportion of gas-powered cars, not least on the service side, are the Audi A4 Avant g-tron and the Audi A5 Sportback g-tron.

Sweden NGVs 2016“The increase in the number of gas-powered cars sold can in part be attributed to the fact that several major cities have signaled they are confronted with restrictions on diesel cars, which has helped people seriously to start looking for good alternatives. Even the decision to introduce Bonus Malus for environmentally-friendly vehicles may have affected sales over the past three months,” said Bo Ramberg.

As at the end of November, 3,619 new gas-vehicle registrations have been recorded for 2017.

Source: FordonsGas

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