Ford Displays CNG-Capable Vehicles at NTEA Work Truck Show

| USA, Indianapolis IN

Ford Super Duty capable of CNG operation

“By 2012, half of all Ford vehicles will be capable of running on alternative fuel.”

Ford has showcased a wide variety of alt-fuel vans and trucks at this year’s National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) in Indianapolis. The company says that as businesses seek to be more environmentally responsible in all facets of their operations, greening a vehicle fleet is often a natural first step that can have an immediate and positive impact. There is also greater recognition of the many performance and maintenance benefits of operating fleet on fuels such as compressed natural gas (CNG).

Ford commercial truck alternative-fuel choices include the following vehicles, all capable of conversion to CNG operation when equipped with an optional prep engine and modified by approved third-parties:

  • Transit Connect
  • E-Series cargo vans
  • E-Series cutaways, stripped chassis
  • E-Series wagons
  • F-Series Super Duty
  • F-350-F-550 Super Duty chassis cabs
  • F-650/ F-750 Super Duty chassis cabs
  • F53, F59 stripped chassis

“Our range of choices helps ensure customers can find the right product that best suits their needs,” said Len Deluca, director, Ford Commercial Truck.

Ford describes CNG as an extremely clean-burning fuel thatsignificantly reduces CO, CO2 and NOx compared to its gasoline counterpart. CNG has an octane rating of 130 and has the potential to optimize the engine’s thermodynamic efficiency by utilizing a higher compression ratio.

Ford has developed and tested a CNG/LPG Gaseous Engine Prep Package to be installed by preferred upfitters, who install the CNG/LPG tanks and hardware. The engine comes with hardened exhaust valves and valve seats for improved wear resistance and durability for gaseous fuel systems, and Ford engineers work with the upfit companies to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

The new engine calibration maintains engine operating limits as specified for cylinder pressures, piston temperatures and engine speed, among others. Ford maintains the engine and powertrain warranty (five years/50,000 miles) and the upfitter is responsible for the system component warranty.

By 2012, half of all Ford vehicles will be capable of running on alternative fuel.

This article compiled using information from a Ford press release.

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