Fontana, CA Added to ANG’s National CNG Network

| USA, Saratoga Springs N.Y.

ANG Fayetteville_Station TNAmerican Natural Gas (ANG), a premier distributor of alternative motor fuels across the USA, has opened its public compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Fontana, California. The station will meet the demand for high-performing, easily-accessible CNG fueling facilities in the trucking industry hub.

Primed for uptime, the Fontana station has three 300 HP Ariel JGQ/2 compressors packaged by ANGI Energy Systems with two points of temperature compensation and an ANGI dryer. The station features three ANGI CNG dispensers equipped with NGV1 nozzles for light and medium-duty use and NGV2 nozzles to accommodate heavy-duty and transit vehicles.

The fast-fuel station is optimized for high-capacity, large volume users. Located at 14512 Aliso Drive, at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Interstate 10, it’s in a high-transit area and near numerous transportation, distribution, and manufacturing centers.

“Fontana and the fleets that operate here have set a precedent for CNG usage and ANG is excited by the opportunity to help fuel their future,” said Drew West, Chief Executive Officer of ANG. “We’re proud of this station because it demonstrates how, with an exclusive focus on CNG, we’re able to listen to drivers, problem-solve with partners, and source stronger equipment. Ultimately, we create the 100 percent reliable experience leading CNG fleets deserve.”

ANG currently owns and operates approximately 40 fueling stations in 13 states across the United States, inclusive of stations in process and under development. In 2016, ANG expanded its national network with the acquisition of Questar Fueling Company, a subsidiary of Questar Corporation. The Fontana property, as well others in California, Arizona, Utah, and Texas were part of the acquisition.


Source: American Natural Gas

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