Fluxys NV and HAM to Deliver LNG Fueling for Belgian Fleet Operators

| Belgium, Veurne

Mattheeuws fleet vehicle, BelgiumSpain’s Ham Group has been selected by Fluxys NV to construct a liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station to refuel 26 recently acquired LNG-powered trucks of Eric Mattheeuws, a Belgium-based transportation company, in the West Flanders city of Veurne. Mattheeuws will make the LNG station accessible to other fleet operators as they convert their vehicles from diesel to natural gas operation. The station is expected to be operational this summer.

Fluxys explained to NGV Global News that long haulage trucks with a diesel tank of 300l and an LNG tank of 150kg have an operating range of 500 km on gas and 900 km on diesel, i.e. a total of 1,400 km. Drivers will find existing LNG filling stations spread over Europe (Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK), enabling cleaner, more economical deliveries for companies like Eric Mattheeuws.

HAM built and put into service in 2000 the first unit to supply LNG trucks in continental Europe. Currently HAM has built more than 25 facilities for the supply of natural gas vehicles (NGV). HAM also credits long experience as a user through its subsidiary Transport HAM who first introduced dual-fuel technology LNG trucks in that same year. Currently Transport HAM has a fleet of over a hundred trucks using LNG.

HAM has also developed a mobile LNG refueling solution, permitting throughout Europe the temporary supply of fuel to fleets that require it, providing flexibility for companies wanting to test LNG trucks and provisioning of gas while stations are being built.

The company has witnessed more and more companies transitioning from diesel to natural gas, thus contributing to improvement of the environmental in a relevant way.

(Sources: Fluxys NV and Ham Group)

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