First Transit Moves Philly International Bus Fleet to Full CNG

| USA: Philadelphia PA

First Transit for Philly AirportNorth American public transportation company First Transit, a leader in airport shuttle transportation solutions, has had its contract with Philadelphia International Airport renewed for operations and maintenance of the entire airport passenger shuttle operation. This year, First Transit will change its entire bus fleet at the Philadelphia International Airport to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

First Transit will continue to provide maintenance, operations, and staffing for 46 buses, offering more than 3.5 million trips annually for the employee and economy parking lots.

“We are proud to be a transportation partner for more than 20 years with the Philadelphia International Airport,” said Paul O’Brien, regional vice president of First Transit. “New technology and an entirely green fleet will provide an enhanced passenger experience.”

First Transit provides transportation shuttle solutions for 13 airports across North America.

Source: First Transit

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