First Public CNG Dispenser in Budapest

| Hungary, Budapest

Budapest, Hungary (image: Heinz Albers)

Gas distributor for Hungary’s capital city of Budapest, Fővárosi Gázművek Zrt. (FŐGÁZ), has entered into a strategic agreement with MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company to install what FŐGÁZ says is the city’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) dispenser at a public filling station. The dispenser, expected to start operating in the summer, will be installed at MOL’s petrol station in Kobanya, and may be followed by installations at other MOL stations.

FŐGÁZ says the fuel will offer a cost effective solution for motorists, being priced below petrol and diesel. The company is aiming to increase public awareness of CNG as a vehicle fuel following a successful pilot project launched in 2008.

The initiative forms part of the FŐGÁZ corporate citizenship strategy for environmental improvements.

Item compiled using information from a Fővárosi Gázművek Zrt. press release.

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