First-of-its-Kind Guidance for U.S. CNG Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

| USA, Washington DC | Source: NGVAmerica
Clean Energy NGV Easy Bay Vapour Barrier System

Clean Energy NGV Easy Bay Vapour Barrier System

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program has published a new first-of-its-kind guidance document, the Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Facility Modifications Handbook, which covers all aspects of indoor CNG vehicle maintenance facility considerations.

This document was funded under the DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Technical Assistance program and produced along with a CNG fuel tank safety initiative, which aims to help fleets understand safe handling and use practices for working with CNG.

As stated in the introduction of the Handbook, “Although some of the means of protection for CNG vehicle maintenance facilities are similar to those used for liquid-fueled vehicles, the types and placement of the equipment are different because of the gaseous nature of the fuel and its properties.”

The natural gas industry has an impressive safety record, in large part due to the stringent industry codes and standards. Compressed natural gas codes deal not only with the vehicles themselves, but also with the design and use of vehicle maintenance facilities. Industry information about these maintenance facility safety requirements exists, but until now it has been difficult for fleets to find or fully understand.

The Handbook is available at

Source: NGVAmerica

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