First European LNG Bunker Station to Open in July

| Netherlands: Nieuwegein | Source: PitPoint BV

PitPoint BV LNG Bunker Station in Cologne - under constructionPitPoint.LNG’s Liquefied Natural Gas bunkering station to refuel inland waterway vessels is taking shape. Construction of the first European fixed bunkering station for LNG will be realized on Europe’s busiest waterway, the Rhine, in the port of Cologne (Am Molenkopf 17) later this year.

With the planned opening in July 2019, the initiator PitPoint.LNG is taking an important step in making LNG available as a clean fuel for inland shipping. Whereas LNG-powered barges are now mainly supplied from road tankers, the arrival of this LNG bunkering station offers many advantages for inland shipping, such as more flexibility through 24/7 availability and a considerably shorter bunker time.

“With the construction of this bunker station, we are taking a major step towards achieving our objective of making cleaner transport by road and water possible. This bunker station on Europe’s busiest waterway is an important milestone in the further expansion of the international refueling infrastructure for LNG, ”says Jan Willem Drijver, Managing Director PitPoint.LNG.

The new LNG bunker station is part of the European Commission’s plans to realize LNG infrastructure by road and water. Sailing on LNG provides measurable environmental benefits and helps improve air quality. Compared with the current European emission requirements (CCNR II), compared to diesel engines, LNG engines produce lower emissions of harmful and environmentally harmful substances, namely 20% to 25% less CO₂, at least 70% less NOₓ and over 95% less particulate matter. This therefore directly influences the health of local residents along the Rhine, such as Cologne and other cities.

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