Fiat TwinAir Engine Earns Green Engine First Award for CNG Technology

| Italy, Turin
Fiat 875cc bi-fuel award-winning CNG engine

Fiat 875cc bi-fuel award-winning CNG engine (Image: UKIP Media & Events Ltd)

The natural gas fueled Fiat TwinAir Turbo engine has been voted the Best Green Engine of the Year 2013.  The results of the 2013 International Engine of the Year Awards were announced at Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany on June 5. The global jury, consisting of some of the world’s most respected and popular motoring journalists selected the 1.4-litre, 875cc, two-cylinder turbo CNG engine as winner of the Green Engine category, thereby securing the first ever Awards victory for compressed natural gas (CNG) technology.

Fiat explains that as early as its début, the TwinAir had already triumphed at the ‘International Engine of the Year Awards 2011’, winning 4 awards: the one for its displacement category (under 1,000 cm3), ‘Best New Engine 2011’, ‘Best Green Engine 2011’ and the ‘International Engine of the Year 2011’ award, the top award in the competition, which began in the United Kingdom in 1999.

Today the engine powers the bi-fuel Fiat Panda Natural Power launched early 2012 and the Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic Methane launched late last year.

In the field of alternative fuels, Fiat considers that methane engines are now the most appropriate technological choice for contributing to the reduction of pollution in urban areas and the limitation of CO2 emissions. Methane engines minimise the most harmful emissions such as particulate (practically reduced to zero), nitrogen oxide and the most reactive hydrocarbons which cause the formation of other pollutants. They also generate 23% less CO2 compared to petrol engines. Therefore,Fiat says, methane is the “cleanest” and cheapest fuel available today and it is also potentially a source of renewable energy thanks to the development of biomethane.

For over 15 years, the Fiat Group has been the leading European original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for methane-fuelled vehicles, the one which offers the widest eco-friendly range with bi-fuel supply (methane/petrol) designed to accommodate the needs of a broad-ranging clientele, including goods transport professionals: between 1997 and today, Fiat has sold over 560,000 Natural Power cars and commercial vehicles.

(Sources: Fiat and International Engine of the Year Awards)

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