Fiat Introduces March Incentives for Natural Gas Vehicles

| Italy
Fiat Panda bi-fuel Natural Power

Fiat Panda bi-fuel Natural Power

Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) has developed and implemented a  comprehensive strategy to render mobility green through a combination of human and technological factors. One of those factors, the first in line for FGA is to introduce incentives for the month of March, for the purchase of Fiat Group compressed natural gas or LPG-fuelled commercial vehicles and cars. Customers will be able to buy Fiat and Lancia bi-fuel cars, besides the commercial vehicles of Fiat Professional, with an incentive at least equivalent to that set by the government.

Fiat’s strategy is clear: invest in solutions which are easy to grasp, simple to use and that offer concrete benefits right away. For this reason, the Group has decided to aim at natural gas, the cleanest fuel currently available (CO2 emissions are 23% less than those of gasoline and particle emissions are null) and also the cheapest: with an 80 bhp Panda TwinAir Turbo Natural Power, for example, one can travel for the same fuel cost almost three times the distance than with an equivalent gasoline powered version.

Fiat has a long and successful natural gas vehicle history as an OEM. 1998 was the debut, for example, of one of the first bi-fuel cars by Fiat: the Multipla Natural Power, with its innovative system of cylinders placed under the car body so as not to limit neither the cabin nor trunk space. With a bi-fuel range of almost 1,000 km, more than half of which corresponded to natural gas, this ‘green’ car represented the first success story for a natural gas powered car. Today Fiat Group has sold well over a million Natural Power cars and 45 thousand commercial vehicles.

The widespread interest in natural gas vehicles (NGVs) has stimulated distribution infrastructure, with around 1,000 fueling stations currently in operation across Italy and around fifty more are under construction, the biggest among European countries.

The incentive is designed to introduce even more Italians to the environmentally friendly, wallet friendly fuel: during all of March the Fiat Group has decided to ensure an incentive equivalent to the government incentives that will end on March 14, but without the government-imposed restrictions on quantity, emission type, or end-user type. Fiat has decided instead to extend the benefit of the incentives without any kind of obligation and with no limitations. The special offer is valid both for cars and commercial vehicles, with no distinction between private customers and professional users, with or without scrapping, and with no set limit of quantity.

For example, purchasing a new bi-fuel 500L TwinAir Turbo Natural Power (gasoline /natural gas), in Lounge equipment version, buyers can benefit from an EUR 2,000 plus VAT incentive: it is in line with the maximum value stipulated by the government for cars within the CO2 range of less that 120 g/km.

(Source: Lancia Press)

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