Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Commissions First Merchant LNG Facility in Canada

| Canada, Elmworth AB

Ferus LNGFerus Natural Gas Fuels Inc. has formally opened the first merchant liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Canada – positioning the company as a leader in the North American domestic natural gas fueling market. The facility, which became commercially operational in May, 2014, is located in Elmworth, Alberta, about 65 kilometres southwest of Grand Prairie.

Ferus NGF’s Elmworth LNG plant is strategically located in the heart of oil and gas activity in northwest Alberta and northeast British Columbia, and produces high-quality LNG fuel for engines used in drilling rigs, pressure pumping services, water heating for well fracturing and heavy-duty highway and off-road trucks. Other high horsepower applications for this LNG are in rail, mining, and remote power generation. To support the entire LNG supply chain, Ferus NGF has also designed and built specialised mobile storage and dispensing equipment to provide full-service fueling solutions.

Currently, the facility can produce up to 50,000 gallons per day of LNG and has capacity to expand up to 250,000 gallons per day of LNG.

“In order for customers to make the switch to natural gas they need a high level of certainty and trust. Ferus NGF is successfully fueling oil and gas operations and on-road trucking with natural gas and our business plans include the wide-spread build-out of LNG and CNG infrastructure to provide regional supply and service across multiple high horsepower industries in North America”, said Dick Brown, CEO of Ferus NGF.

Natural gas as a fuel is gaining support and traction from both industry and political leaders. As emission standards continuously evolve and companies strive to meet them while simultaneously finding ways to reduce operating costs, natural gas is positioned to become the fossil fuel of choice in North America.

“Natural gas provides significant environmental and cost benefits to high horsepower applications currently using diesel,” said Brown. “Canada has an abundance of natural gas and Ferus NGF is playing a lead role in facilitating its use as a consumable engine fuel.”

In May 2014, Ferus acquired full control of the Elmworth LNG production facility, purchasing Encana Corporation’s 50 percent interest and retaining key Encana technical and management personnel.

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels (Ferus NGF), privately held by The Energy & Minerals Group, provides end-to-end LNG and compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling services including liquefaction, compression, transportation, storage and delivery to our customers in all end-use industries.

(Source: Ferus)

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