Eurocargo Natural Power Meets Murcia’s TLX

| Spain. Murcia

Iveco Eurocargo Natural Power for TLX MurciaGinés Huertas Industriales, the official Iveco dealer in Murcia, has delivered a Eurocargo Natural Power model powered by natural gas to Murcian company Thermologic Express (TLX). The controlled temperature logistics company will use the refrigerated truck for urban distribution throughout the Mediterranean region of Spain.

For the director of TLX, Ángel Sánchez, “natural gas technology gives us advantages both from the point of view of sustainability and economy, since propulsion with natural gas is the most effective solution to curb polluting emissions in the Spanish cities. In addition, the engine of this vehicle is up to 50% quieter than the diesel versions, so we are the best option for urban night services.”

The Iveco Eurocargo Natural Power has 210 hp and a six-liter engine, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). It emits 10% less CO2, 35% less nitric oxides and 95% less solid particles than its equivalent in diesel.

In addition, it complies with the requirements of the Euro VI step C emission regulations, which allows it to access restricted areas in urban centers, a competitive advantage in distribution.

Source: Ginés Huertas Industriales

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