Enviroservices Carries Out LNG Bunkering at Zeebrugge

| Belgium, Zeebrugge

Coral Energy in Zeebrugge refueling with LNG from GDF SuezThe Euroservices terminal at Zeebrugge has carried out purging and conditioning operations at the end of June for the multi-purpose liquefied natural gas (LNG) -powered LNG Carrier Coral Methane (7500 cbm), owned by Anthony Veder, a Netherlands specialist in gas transportation. Stefaan Hoppe, General Manager Euroservices nv, says “We are pleased to announce from now on that our terminal is compatible to handle LNG in case of purging, conditioning and bunkering. Our terminal will play an important role in the preparation and conditioning of small scale LNG-vessels.”

Under charter agreement with AGA Gas, the vessel took on board LNG delivered with several trucks by GDF SUEZ LNG Solutions in order to perform gas up and cool down operations.

These operations took place on basis top-spray in/top-purge out with a flare return line available to flare off overpressure (nitrogen/LNG). Once cargo tanks were fully cooled down with LNG to -145 degrees Celsius, additional LNG was delivered as fuel for the ship.

Coral Energy in Zeebrugge for purging and conditioningAnton Aarts, Commercial Manager GDF SUEZ LNG Solutions bv; “We succeeded to have constant a full LNG tanker truck and operators available at the Coral Methane during three days, so the operation could proceed without delay. We are happy that we could show our expertise in LNG bunkering of a ship by a tanker truck and that the customer was satisfied with our service.”

Euroservices is part of the Hoppe Maritime Group.

(Source: Hoppe Maritime Group)

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