ENGIE Opens CNG Plant in Yucutan, Mexico

| Mexico, Umán (Yucatán)

CNG plant Yucutan, MexicoLast week, the French multinational company ENGIE inaugurated the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Plant on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan, providing companies and state industries with a cleaner energy alternative and boosting opportunity for the further development of CNG as a fuel for transportation. 

The installation arose out of a commercial alliance between the companies ENGIE Mexico and Virtual Pipelines Mexico.

“I am very grateful for the confidence that Engie has placed in our state for the installation of this plant, which is undoubtedly a great commitment to the industry of this state, the entire Yucatan Peninsula, but it is also a Great contribution to the welfare of all our people. And I am convinced that this plant will contribute to leaving a Yucatan more productive, more competitive, but also more sustainable, which will be to the great benefit of present generations and future generations,” said the State Governor, Rolando Zapata Bello at the ceremony to commission the plant at Umán, Yucatán.

With the start-up of this plant, the plan for the consolidation of vehicular natural gas for the region is also accelerated, since the plant includes an area under development for the establishment of several natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling stations, explained Fernando Tovar, director general of ENGIE Mexico and Chief of Business Development at ENGIE Latin America.

Furthermore, for areas of the Yucutan peninsula not connected to pipeline gas, ENGIE intends the transport natural gas in tube trailers to decompression stations in other centres, thereby extending the operational range for NGVs, Tovar added, also commenting that natural gas as a vehicle fuel can reduce emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide by 25%, particulate matter by more than 95% greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20%.

(Source: Government of Yucutan)

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