Energy and Utility Leaders Discuss Viability of RNG at Montreal Summit

| Canada: Montreal QC | Source: GRDF

Canada_Logos_communique Energir GRDF GRTgaz and SoCalGasÉnergir (Canada), SoCalGas (United States), and French companies GRDF and GRTgaz shared their visions for viable solutions to combat climate change. The presentation took place at the Movin’On Summit in Montreal last week and brought together leaders from each of the energy and utility companies. The 2019 theme of “Solutions for a Multimodal Ecosystem” covered topics such as decarbonisation and air quality, society and urban transport, innovative technologies, freight transport and the circular economy.

Summit highlights led by Sophie Brochu, President and CEO of Énergir, featured discussions on the role of renewable gas and its growth potential, on renewable energy technologies such as conversion from electricity to gas, and effective ways to reduce transportation-related emissions by rolling out bioGNV vehicles.

“The time is not for reflection but for action. More than ever, renewable gas has a place in the energy transition,” says Sophie Brochu, President and CEO of Énergir. “We must draw on the experiences of our partners to continue and accelerate the development of this sector in Quebec in a renewed desire to solve the problems in the fight against global warming. ”

“We salute the collaborative spirit we have established with Énergir, GRDF and GRTgaz, because only through international dialogue and cooperation can we achieve global environmental goals,” said Maryam Brown, President of SoCalGas. “We must all work together to develop solutions to reduce emissions and waste. That’s why SoCalGas is committed to replacing 20% ​​of its natural gas supply with renewable gas by 2030.”

“The collaboration between our four companies is focused on developing solutions that support a low-carbon economy as well as the circular economy,” said Édouard Sauvage, Managing Director of GRDF. “We have combined our efforts to accelerate the development of renewable gas and bioGNV because they are proven technologies that make a huge contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality.”

“In addition, it is the combination of environmental benefits and economic and operational performance that now allows industry players to “move forward” and explains this flight of gas mobility,” said Pierre Duvieusart, Deputy Managing Director of GRTgaz.

Leader Collaboration

The Movin’On Summit marks the first-ever joint public presentation of the leaders of this group of innovative energy and utility companies since last year’s announcement of collaboration between them. They all share the same goal of advancing climate change policies while providing customers with reliable and affordable energy solutions. As part of this collaboration, representatives from each of the companies communicate regularly to discuss research and development initiatives and ways to implement strategic initiatives.

Last year, the group of representatives visited the innovative GRHYD demonstrator in northern France, which is testing hydrogen injection into the GRDF distribution network; a biomethane injection plant and the GRTgaz Jupiter 1000 gas to electricity demonstration project in the south of France; as well as research and development projects funded by SoCalGas in California. This month, he will participate in a visit to the facilities of a biomethane project in Quebec organized by Énergir.

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