Endesa Launches 2nd Bio-CNG Station in France

| France and Spain
Endesa Sigeif CNG Station

Endesa Sigeif CNG Station in Paris

Spanish energy company Endesa has launched its second station of natural gas vehicle (NGV) filling station in France, in the town of Saint Etienne. The station will allow the company “to offer an ecological and economic alternative for carriers, in a context of traffic restriction urban that responds to the fight against air pollution caused, in large part, by fine particles emitted by diesel vehicles. “

The gas station, open 24 hours a day, is the second station of this type developed of the forty that the company intends to have installed by end of 2020. It will distribute Bio-CNG, a renewable version of CNG which according to the company is produced locally from organic waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 80% compared to traditional fuels.

In this way, according to Endesa, its goal in Saint-Etienne “is to provide biomethane from local projects such as the Furania wastewater treatment plant to illustrate also the virtues of the local circular economy”.

The company says the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel delivers many benefits, including direct fuel savings,¬†cutting costs by around 50%, as well as vehicle maintenance costs, with the life of many of an NGV’s elements being considerably extended (spark plugs, the exhaust system, the carburettor and lubricants).

Source: Endesa

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