EMT Incorporates First CNG-Hybrids into Madrid Fleet

| Spain, Madrid

Castrosua Tempus CNG Hybrids joins EMT Fleet

Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, S.A. (EMT)’s manager, Rafael Orihuela, has presented the first CNG-electric hybrid buses to join the Madrid urban fleet. Manufactured by Carrocera Castrosua S.A., based in Santiago de Compostela, seven (model) Tempus buses will operate in the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) of the capital, on line 41, which runs between Atocha and the Colony Manzanares. The presentation ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Madrid and president of EMT, Ana Botella.

In order to achieve greater emission reductions, and in accordance with the intended purpose for introduction of Low Emission Zoning, the EMT is committed to ensuring 100% of buses operated in such areas incorporate clean technologies. In terms of emissions, these buses should be at least as “clean” as the so-called Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles (EEV).

The seven units are part of a total order of 23 hybrid buses powered by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and electric batteries, which will be added throughout the year. Of these, 13 are Castrosua Tempus buses and the remaining 10 Hybrid Area buses come from the manufacturer Tata Hispano. All Castrosua TEMPUS are expected to be operational by September, while 10 of Tata Hispano will be integrated into the fleet in the last quarter of 2012.

In this sense, EMT, City Hall and the city of Madrid become pioneers in the testing and commissioning of this new propulsion system that combines both CNG and electricity, a strong commitment to the environment and air quality in the capital to be a clean and sustainable technology.

In March this year, the city of Madrid approved acquisition of a total of 123 new compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid-electric natural gas buses to implement Madrid’s 2011-2015 Air Quality Plan.

Noise emission levels of polluting gases and are zero when the bus runs in electric mode, with very low when running in hybrid mode as being of a CNG engine displacement size and much lower than standard buses.

Tata Hispano, based in Saragossa, says the Area urban bus is the result of a process of discussions and meetings with the main Municipal Transport Companies in Spain, adapting all the requirements and providing advanced solutions for the nowadays demands of urban transport operators.

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