Emcara Certifies Stainless Steel, Long Trigger PRD

| Canada: Guelph ON | Source: Emcara
Emcara Stainless Steel Viper

Emcara Stainless Steel Viper

Emcara Gas Development Inc. (Emcara), a Canadian company designing pressure relief devices (PRD), has developed and certified the most robust thermally activated long trigger PRD to date, the Stainless Steel Viper. The newly certified Emcara Stainless Steel Viper is Emcara’s solution to extreme environmental conditions.

The Viper is Emcara’s 2nd generation of thermally activated, Long Trigger Pressure Relief Devices with lengths from 4’ to 45’ (custom versions beyond 45’) and working pressures to 5000 psi.

The Stainless Steel Viper possesses the performance characteristics of our anodized aluminum Viper PRD, with the added corrosion resistance and durability of stainless steel. Although Emcara’s anodized aluminum PRD has met normal salt corrosion requirements, extreme environments may call for stainless steel, resistance to the elements provides enhanced longevity.

Multiple Stainless Steel Viper PRD’s can be connected to Emcara’s Badger BAV, a remote Balanced Actuator Valve designed to provide high gas venting flow rates, suitable for large bulk storage tanks. The Badger can be triggered by any one of multiple Emcara PRD’s in a system; enabling large tanks and multiple tanks to vent rapidly while preventing cross-flow between tanks.

With the Viper’s substantial length range; superior fire detection is achieved while providing cost savings and design flexibility. Certified to ANSI/ CSA PRD1.2013, the Viper benefits from an advanced trigger mechanism and high flow rates when venting.

About Emcara Gas Development Inc.

As the provider of the only Long Trigger thermally activated Pressure Relief Device, Emcara is an innovator in the alternative gas industry. Located in Guelph, Ontario, Emcara designs and manufactures devices for compressed natural gas and hydrogen systems that enhance safety, performance, reliability and system flexibility. Industries served include heavy vehicle, on-road bulk haul transport, rail, and ground storage. In addition to safety products, Emcara provides consulting engineering services for systems and component design, predictive calculations, physical testing, and systems trouble-shooting.

Website: emcara.com

Emcara is a corporate member of NGV Global.

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