Dutch IVECO-dealer Schouten offers Used LNG Tractors

| The Netherlands

Iveco Hi Way NG for saleThe Dutch transport sector is one of the European markets were CNG and LNG as a fuel were adopted several years ago. Transport companies carry out a variety of activities with natural power trucks and make use of the growing number of natural gas filling stations in The Netherlands and surrounding countries. The first Dutch LNG-trucks, approx. 5 years old, have proven the use of CNG and LNG in long haul heavy transport.

This creates opportunities for environmental and cost efficiency focussed transport businesses. The advantages of these trucks with natural gas engines are known: they are quiet, clean and have lower fuel costs compared to diesel trucks. Thanks to the growing network of LNG filling stations, is the investment in a used natural power truck more attractive then ever for transport companies throughout Europe!

Used LNG-trucks

The IVECO Stralis 4×2 LNG is equiped with Hi-Road sleeper cab and 8-litre natural power engine (330hp, 1300Nm). Linked to a 16-speed manual gearbox, the driver always has the most broad choice of gears available in any situation. This LNG-truck has one LNG-tank and a CNG-tank package. The autonomy on LNG is 750 kilometers, the CNG-tanks can be used in case there is no LNG available. The additional autonomy on CNG is 100 kilometers.

Driving on natural gas provides benefits for both the environment and the business case of the transport company. The reductions of emissions (-15% CO2, -75 NOx, -95% PM) gives this truck permission to different environmental zones throughout Europe. Besides the lower emissions, this truck is less noise producing. It allows transport activities to enter city centers in the early morning or late evening. This means a green image and flexibity for fleet operators.

For more information, please contact Krijn Kooy, k.kooy@ivecoschouten.nl, + 31 88-114 8000.


Source: Iveco Schouten

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