Dongfeng Citroën Introduces 2012 Elysée CNG

| China

Dongfeng-Citroën 2012 bi-fuel Elysee CNG

Chinese automotive manufacturer Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën Automobile has introduced its latest model compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel Dongfeng Citroën Elysée. The 2012 1600 cc Elysée achieves maximum power and torque of 67kW and 120Nm respectively. The imported CNG fuel system is factory fitted.

Like the conventional fuel variants for the 2012 model, the Elysée features a new unibody structure, providing improved safety, performance and durability over earlier models.

Other specifications include 5-speed manual transmission, top speed of 170 kph and CNG fuel capacity 65 litres.

In a CNG energy saving competition just completed, where the public submitted entries about the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, the Elysée delivered a suburban running cost of 15.61 yuan (USD 2.48) per 100 kilometres.

(This article primarily compiled using information from Dongfeng Citroën Automobile)

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