Domestic CNG Refueling Appliance Ready for Market

| United Kingdom, Leicester

gasfill HOME HRAThe UK-based firm gasfill, an alternative technology provider, has developed and tested a compressed natural gas (CNG) domestic refuelling appliance (HRA) for natural gas vehicles. The company is looking for a manufacturing company to help it enter volume production of the ‘gasfill HOME’ and has an eye on the US market.

gasfill HOME features a patented, three stage, oil free compressor technology that only requires a domestic gas and electricity supply to be used. The appliance is a compact (990 x 600 x 360 mm) unit that operates at an inlet pressure of 21mbar and outlet pressure of 200bar (250 bar USA). It can refuel a car or van in under 10 hours (90 litres) at a rate of 2.0 m3 of CNG per hour.

By removing reliance on the development of a nationwide network of refuelling stations, the concept offers a strong proposition for investment in the worldwide natural gas vehicle (NGV) market.

gasfill says it is the only HRA manufacturer to combine three important benefits; a 12,000 hour design life, low through-life cost of ownership and market readiness compared to other developing technologies.

gasfill UK“We are looking for a company with the capacity to assemble high volume compressed gas appliances and the ability to open up routes to market in target regions,” said Norman Leece, managing director at gasfill.

The company estimates the global market opportunity for HRAs could be over one million units per year based on an expectation that NGV will ultimately represent 5% of the global vehicle park by 2025.

(Source: gasfill)

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