DNV GL Presents HHI and UASC with AIP for “LNG Ready” Mega Boxships

| Germany, Hamburg

Benefits of LNG as a marine fuel are increasingly apparent – Tor Svensen, CEO of DNV GL Maritime

At the SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology) trade fair in Hamburg, DNV GL has presented Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) with an Approval in Principle (AIP), recognizing the technical feasibility of the LNG fuel system design for the A14 and A18 series of container vessels.

Tor Svensen, CEO of DNV GL Maritime, made the presentation to Mr. Oi Hyun Kim, CEO and COO, of HHI’s Shipbuilding Division and Mr. Waleed Al Dawood, COO of United Arab Shipping Company, in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Ali Bin Jassim Al Thani, UASC Board Member.

The series of innovative 14,500 TEU (eleven vessels) and 18,800 TEU (six vessels) container ships are under construction at HHI and HSHI for UASC and classed by DNV GL. These 17 vessels are intended to be converted to globally operate using LNG as ship fuel and the AIP has been prepared as part of DNV GL’s “LNG Ready” service – demonstrating that the designs will enable a cost and time efficient conversion for LNG fuel operation. As part of the LNG Ready service, DNV GL has also cooperated with UASC to prepare the business case for the LNG fuel option.

The presentation of the AIP marks the culmination of an intensive development process, whereby HHI and UASC, supported by design and consulting bureau TECHNOLOG Services and DNV GL, have worked closely together to develop some of the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly Ultra Large Container Ships. During the pre-contract phase DNV GL’s Maritime Advisory unit had also been involved in order to assess the performance and later to optimise the hull lines of the designs to minimize fuel consumption and operational air emissions for the expected operating profile.

“LNG as a ship fuel is a trend, whose time has come”, said Tor Svensen, CEO of DNV GL Maritime. “The benefits from an environmental and increasingly a business perspective are more apparent every day. But for an innovative idea to spread and really take hold, you need partners, who not only have a vision, but also have the technical expertise to realise that vision. The strong relationship and excellent cooperation between UASC, HHI and DNV GL has resulted in this milestone – the first AIP for LNG as fuel in a true mega box ship.”

During the design phase extensive structural analysis has been carried out, applying criteria that exceed normal class standards, based on UASC’s specifications. Alongside being ready for an easy LNG retrofit, the vessels will fulfil the latest environmental requirements related to EEDI/EEOI, IHM and ballast water treatment as documented by the CLEAN class notation.

In addition, WHRS (Waste Heat Recovery System) and shaft generator/motor have been applied to the vessels in order to achieve upmost fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

UASC Table - Box Ships (ex DNV GL)

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