Divine Inspiration Behind Meru Cab CNG-Powered Acquisitions

| India, Mumbai

Meru Cab, IndiaMeru Cab Company Pvt. Ltd, operating out of major Indian cities, is named after Mount Meru, which according to Hindu and Jain mythology is the center of the universe, the abode of Lord Brahma and a pantheon of gods and goddesses. It is therefore with the aim of meeting the client’s highest expectations that the cab company will order a mass of new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered sedans to serve as taxis in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Although the exact number of CNG vehicles to be purchased has not been revealed, they are part of a total planned acquisition of 3,000 new passenger cars. The Meru Cab informed NGV Global News that it has CNG cabs already in operation in these cities and include Mahindra Logan / Verito, Toyota Etios and Tata Indigo models. The total fleet in Mumbai is 2000 & in Delhi, it is 1500 vehicles. The new vehicles will also be predominantly India-manufactured models.

Meru Cabs line upMeru Cab began using natural gas vehicles in Mumbai in 2007, where the fuel price is currently 38.95 Rs/Kg and in New Delhi in 2008, with fuel there currently priced at 35.2 Rs/Kg.

(Source: Meru Cab)

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