Dairy Farmers to Fuel With Farm-Generated Methane

| USA, Irvine CA

Alternative energy company Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. has received a contract in the amount of USD434,000 for high capacity natural gas on-board storage cylinders from Agility Fuel Systems, provider of alternative fuel systems for heavy duty trucks, buses and specialty vehicles. The carbon-composite cylinders will be installed on Kenworth T800 Class 8 trucks by Agility for operation by dairy farm operators.

The trucks will be fuelled using sustainable methane generated by the farmer’s cows, converted to biomethane using anaerobic digesters and dispensed under pressure like compressed natural gas (CNG). The switch to  CNG vehicles reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 23% compared to conventional 2010 diesel-powered models. Also, since CNG engines do not require particulate traps and SCR systems to meet emissions, the cost and maintenance of these systems is eliminated.

In addition, because the fuel is being created by the cows themselves, dairy farm operators will have a substantial operating cost reduction beyond the 30% achieved by typical fleets. The lightweight composite cylinders also help to extend the operating range

“We are pleased to partner with Agility to showcase the effective utilization of renewable natural gas for sustainable transportation,” said Alan P. Niedzwiecki, Quantum’s President and CEO. “Quantum’s polymer-lined ultra-light-weight carbon fiber tanks provide the necessary corrosion-resistance and robustness for this application.”

Agility Fuel Systems was formed out of a merger of FAB Industries and Enviromech Industries in January this year.

This article primarily compiled using information from a Quantum Fuel Systems press release.

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