DHL Express Mexico Chooses Sprinter NGT for Querétaro Fleet

| Mexico, Mexico City

Logistics company DHL Express Mexico and Mercedes-Benz have for the fourth consecutive year arranged delivery of environmentally friendly vehicles through in-country supplier Zapata Trucks Tlalnepantla, expressing their commitment to sustainable technology while supporting DHL Express to acquire a new fleet. Included in the acquisition are 30 natural gas powered Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT vans.

DHL Express Mexico will utilise the 30 units in the city of Querétaro, thereby claiming to be the first in the Americas to use Compressed Natural Gas technology for the entire company fleet and reducing emissions by 50%, reports Autotransporte Mexico.

Diebold Alexander, Director of Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Vans Mexico, emphasised that with this van DHL is the first company in Mexico to host the new Sprinter NGT using its innovative Cross Wind Assist technology and bi-fuel engine (gasoline and natural gas). Together the companies will lessen the impact of the ecological footprints in the country.

DHL Express Mexico purchased 15 Sprinter NGT vans in 2012.

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