Dedicated LNG/CNG Filling Station Opens in Padua, Italy

| Italy, Padua

Italy_liquimet-padova 2017Liquimet, an Italian subsidiary of Gasfin Group, has opened the first Italian dedicated natural gas refueling station for LNG/CNG fueled heavy vehicles at the Interporto di Padova. Simultaneously, Iveco delivered 20 new Stralis Natural Power (NP) tractors to Autamarocchi, the first batch of the program that will lead to full conversion of the fleet to natural gas fuel.

The station is the first of GAINN_IT, the national initiative for the creation of a network of refueling points and stores of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for maritime and road transport, a project that involves a total investment estimated at 1.27 billion euros (USD 1.39b) in the period 2017-2022.

Iveco NP for automarocchi

Iveco Stralis NP has a range of 1500 km.

The structure of the station, initially made with a bay for LNG supply and one for CNG, has capacity for up to four bays with double dispensers, increasing the potential supply up to 500 vehicles per day. The LNG arrives at the filling station of Padua Interport by road from Marseille or Barcelona, using ISO intermodal containers by rail from Rotterdam, in line with the principle of GAINN4DEP of carbon footprint reduction and decongestion of road traffic.

Liquimet LNG Station opening

Attending the Liquimet LNG station opening were Antonio Nicotra – CEO Liquimet; Mariarosa Baroni – President NGV Italia and NGV Global Board member; Pierre Lahutte – IVECO Brand President and Oscar Zabai – CEO Autamarocchi.

Together with this station, there are now 11 LNG refueling stations across Italy’s main transportation corridors.

“This Padua station is just the first step on a journey that will revolutionize heavy transport and, therefore, will have a huge positive impact on our health and the environment “, underlined Antonio Nicotra, President of Liquimet.

The benefits of natural gas are a proven reality as evidenced by the New Stralis NP AS440S40T / P LNG. The Iveco New Stralis NP, equipped with 400 Iveco Cursor 9 engine, Eurotronic gearbox and dual LNG tank capacity of 540 liters each, is the first natural gas vehicle designed for long distance missions able to guarantee up to 1500 km of autonomy.

The performance of the New Stralis LNG, which allows for a reduction in NOx emissions of 32%, 99% PM and CO2 up to 95% when using biomethane (renewable natural gas, for which the New Stralis Natural Power is already compatible), meets the requirements of Autamarocchi, which saw IVECO as the ideal partner for sustainable transport.

(Source: Liquimet and Iveco)

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