Decathlon Selects Logistics Contractors with LNG Trucks

| Spain, Barcelona

Decathlon Rodamos LimpioDecathlon Spain has decided to utilise liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered trucks in place of diesel trucks for the carriage of stock in some routes from its logistics centres of the provinces of Barcelona, Seville and Madrid.

The trucks are not owned by Decathlon; it has established commercial relationships with operators of LNG vehicles for upcoming years.

In the province of Barcelona, these liquefied natural gas trucks will be used in the approximately one thousand journeys per year between its continental logistics centre of El Prat de LLobregat and its regional logistic centre of Sant Esteve Sesrovires to carry stock between both.

Likewise, LNG trucks will carry Decathlon product from Sant Esteve Sesrovires to two of Decathlon’s stores in the city of Barcelona. Other LNG trucks will service routes in Seville, Murcia and Spain’s Levante region.

With this initiative, the company will cut the carbon emissions by 36% per year in each one of the routes.

Decathlon Logistics Centre, Spain

For the company, sustainability is a key element not only in the creation, design and production process but also in everything related to the distribution of its products. Decathlon Spain works continuously with the aim to develop the most efficient and sustainable transportation operations, contributing to ensure a better quality of the air and the fight against pollution, particularly in urban areas.

Decathlon, a leading company in Europe dedicated to the creation and distribution of sports equipment belonging to the Decathlon Group, is currently present in 30 markets with more than 1,000 stores.

Source: Decathlon

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